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The tado° thermostat offers an intelligent way to save money on your energy bills while at the same time leaving your home warm and comfortable. How does the tado° manage to achieve this, you may ask. Here's how:

Heating control based on location

The tado° uses your phone's location to make adjustments to your home's heating.  It recognises whether the resident at home, leaving the house or on the way back home. For example, when the resident is away, the device automatically turns down the heating.

Control from anywhere

Using the tado° app on your phone, you can access your heating system's controls at any time, any place, allowing you to make adjustments whenever necessary.

Weather compensation

tado° takes into account the weather forecast to deliver heating controls that take the weather into consideration. 

Delivering savings on your energy bills

Using these intelligent heating controls, tado° is able to deliver up to 31% savings off heating bills.

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